22 February 2017

Married Men Association Of Nigeria Writes Open Letter To BBNaija's Thin Tall Tony

We the members of Married Men Association of Nigeria (MMAN) are writing you, Mr Thin Tall Tony, an open letter to ask you why you expertly lured your fellow Big Brother Naija Housemate, Bisola and received BJ.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, we the Association of married men are highly disappointed in for showing the world how promiscuous you are on national TV a few days ago.

We were all showing you support and even rallied for votes for you last week after you were put up for eviction, thankfully though, it was Gifty (who obviously doesn't know BankyW nor FalzTheBahGuy) who unluckily was evicted and you stayed put.

So, It came as a big shock to us after you lured Bisola inside and you received an expertly taken BJ without minding the fact, her 8-Year-Old daughter might have been watching her dear mother with possibly her grandmother.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, Bisola doesn't know you are 'happily' married with two beautiful kids, she even suspected you, asked you if you were married, you said 'By The Grace Of God, No'. If you had proudly and truthfully told her, she just might have said NO.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, while you were receiving head on National TV, didn't you know, your wife, a woman you say, you loved might have been watching you?

Your wife, Labara has supported you right from day one of your auditioning at the Big Brother Naija, so she deserved none of this.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, we are wondering what you will do on a good day, when no one or your wife is watching you.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, we are also wondering what you would tell your wife, Labara if you come back home empty handed after you clearly forgot what you went to do at the Big Brother Naija house.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, you have succeeded with you act on national TV why some ladies sometimes do say, 'Men are scum' 

Mr Thin Tall Tony, your wife recently disabled comments on her Instagram page because, Nigerians have been robbing Salt on her wounds.

Mr Thin Tall Tony, only God and your wife can forgive you when you finally come back.

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